About Us

"If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food."
 - Ryan Groll

What’s different about Sprout?

We are husband and wife, passionate about healthy living and helping others thrive. As experts in the health, fitness and the food industry, we believe your taste buds are made happiest by food that’s crafted close by, in smaller batches using local and organic ingredients. 

We're using our talents to work with local farmers to bring you a great variety of tasty prepared meals, snacks, and drinks – all dreamed up locally and giving back to the community. Sprout Cafés located in Easton & Saint Michaels is where you can find us. So if you’re looking for the ideal meal, scratch-made organic bread, healthy spreads and snacks, or just a simple organic Sprout drink to pick you up, this is the place for you!

Who makes your meals?

YOU and US! Seriously, you help us create the recipes and we fill in the rest. You can pick your favorite meals from our forever growing menu, created with ingredients from local farmers. Simply choose and build what you want, and our chef and baker will ensure that it’s tasty, nutritious and convenient. Don’t be shy, tell us what you think! We want each meal to be just right. So if you don’t like an ingredient, we can make adjustments to accommodate, within reason.

Where are your meals made?

At Sprout of course. Scratch-made & daily. Our kitchen has been voted “Best Organic Kitchen on the Shore” by What’s Up Magazine. Here we are constantly experimenting, creating, and perfecting new recipes, so stop in and give them a try. Don’t be shy!

Where does our food come from?

In short, we are using fresh, high quality sources, with a commitment to be 100% transparent about the choices we make. We are here to help our customers sort through all the food label fog by sharing with what we’ve learned about sourcing. We are actively working on further evolution of our standards across the board with an emphasis on local, organic, sustainable and regenerative options.

Our Menu!

Our menu has been carefully designed by team of culinary masterminds and local nutritionists, passionate about healthy living and enjoying good food. Our menu is forever expanding and changing with the seasons... meaning we cannot guarantee strawberries in the fall, but we can replace them with some amazing crisp and local apples. If you want to see something new on our menu, feel free to let us know! We’re eager to hear new ideas from YOU.

Our food philosophy and nutritional approach

Nutritionist-designed & chef-crafted food that is used as fuel for your body. Less is more. Keeping the ingredients to a minimum, and the quality at its finest, food will be strategically prepared to deliver the best taste with the most organic rewards. Fresh, never frozen and responsibly sourced. It’s as simple as order, eat, thrive, period!

Clients for LIFE

Sure, you may need us now, but you may not need us forever. That doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected. Follow us on Facebook. Learn new cooking tips, educate yourself and your whole family. Come to in-house cooking demonstrations and healthy living seminars. Bring us a new friend and you’ll be pleasantly rewarded by Sprout. Keep your eyes out for us at local events where we will be happily serving our community.

Satisfaction guarantee

If you’re not satisfied, we’re going try our very best to make you whole. Simple as that. Sure, food’s a subjective realm. So the focus here is on making sure you have an awesome experience with us, not so much on curing you of that brussels sprout phobia you happened to chance across in one of our meals. But if we’ve missed the mark on a meal or some other facet of your order experience, you can expect us to take accountability and action to make it right.

"Eat Sprout has totally changed the way our family eats - in the best possible way! Healthy, proper portions, and delicious - Ryan and Emily deliver on all fronts. Plus we have all lost weight eating healthier." - Talli O.

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