Where is the Café located?

Three locations - Easton - St. Michaels - Annapolis

When is the Café open?

We are open everyday. (Except Thanksgiving and Christmas and maybe a few other needed breaks for our staff). Our social media pages are great reference for changes to our hours on holidays. 

What to expect when you arrive?
Our food is displayed and ready for you to and purchase when you walk in. You will be greeted by friendly faces, there to assist you and answer any questions that you have.
Do we always have the same products in-store?

We are vary our menu and thoughtfully rotate our products, to keep you coming back. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll be happy to tell you when to stop back in.

When is the bread made? Is it fresh?

Our breads are baked six days a week on a schedule that is posted at the link at the top of the page. Baking is done in the evenings at our Easton location. The day listed on the Bread Schedule is the first day it is available at all locations. Many breads are available a few days after the 'first day' but only until sold out. We suggest pre-ordering specifically for our GF options as they sell fast!

What do you offer at your café?

When you visit you can purchase hot coffee, or cold beverages such as iced tea and lemonade. We also have granola bars and other healthy snacks, fresh bread, and a variety of complete meals for any of your breakfast, lunch, or dinner needs!

Do you offer Gluten Free food?

We currently offer a multitude of gluten free meals and treats. 

Our Food

What types of food do we offer?
We feature a variety of nutritionist-designed, chef-crafted meals every week. Many of our recipes are based off the comfort foods you know and love. We swap processed ingredients for fresh, whole, clean ingredients to create healthy, mouth-watering creations. 

What’s so special about our ingredients?

We only use the best! Whether you’re looking for high-quality proteins, low-glycemic carbohydrates, or heart-healthy fats. We strive to collect our produce from local farmers, focusing on organic, NON-GMO, anti-biotic & hormone free ingredients. 

Are meals fresh or frozen?

Always fresh. You can freeze our meals if you do not expect to eat them within 5 days, but fresh just tastes better. Uncooked greens like salads should not be frozen, and should be eaten earlier for peak deliciousness. We do encourage contacting us if you have any questions.

What are the portion sizes?
Our meals feed an active adult, and our portion size is generous. Our philosophy is that our customers should “never leave the table hungry.” Depending on age and appetite, some people, especially women, find that they can split our meals into two servings. The quality of our ingredients will ramp up your metabolism and ultimately your hunger. Don't be surprised if you experience the side effects of longer lasting energy. We recommend using this energy to conquer the day...CHEERS!

How can you view nutritional information?

For now, please contact us and we will gladly assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Coming Soon... you will be able to view the full nutritional information for each meal on our menu.


If you have dietary restrictions/allergies. Do we have meals that work for you?

Typically, yes! It depends on your allergies / restrictions. While our Baristas are not nutritionists, they can guide you to meals and snacks that have specific variations. Please reach out to Ryan for specific needs. 

When and where do we deliver?

We deliver FRESH on the weekdays. Orders placed online will be delivered on the next available business day. Our delivery area is centralized on the rt 50 corridor between Annapolis and Easton MD. 

How do we deliver?

Our meals are delivered fresh and we will contact you to make sure you will be home when we arrive. If you will not be home, you can leave a cooler with ice packs for us at your door. 

How are our meals packaged?
What is the nutritional value of our meals??

Our meals vary depending on what you order, but you can be certain that each meal has been carefully designed by our nutritionists to provide you with nutrient dense, protein-packed and delicious goodness! You can view the details for each item on our website. Please remember that our values change slightly depending on the ingredients that are in season.

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