Sprouts Grow in the Annapolis Capital: A Chat with Ryan Groll

February 21, 2024 by 


The original idea for the Mid-Shore-based Eat Sprout to expand to Annapolis was neither original nor all that new. That’s because Ryan Groll, co-founder (along with his wife, Emily) of the locally prepared and ready-to-eat meal company, actually grew up there and had long planned to find a way to return to his home base, where many of his old friends had started their own businesses.

So Eat Sprout’s move to a space right across from the popular Trader Joe’s near the Westfield Mall was a perfect spot to attract food-conscious customers who wanted to support local agriculture but did not have the time to make healthy meals for themselves and their families.

Sure enough, the Annapolis branch has turned out to be a remarkable success story. and one of their best customers turned out to be those working in the state house, either as elected officials or their staff, who perfectly describe Eat Sprout, customers, and a series of chitchats with those clients open the door for a totally unplanned invitation to be the primary vendor for the state of Maryland’s capital and office buildings downtown.

The Spy was intrigued by this unique pathway for Sprouts and asked Ryan to stop by this Spy Studio to talk about it a few weeks ago.

This video is approximately four minutes in length.

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